About Us

What kind of company is Yachting & Sport?

Yachting & Sport is specialized in the production, manufacture and distribution of technical textiles. The company was founded by Willem Potma in 22-06-2000. The company is based in Romania and that is where the production of technical textiles takes place. These fabrics are used for a wide variety of applications. Yachting & Sport uses different types of machines and techniques to produce high-quality textiles:

Cutting and sewing machines: In the techincal textiles manufacturing proces, cutting machines are used to cut patterns from fabric panels, and sewing machines are used to stitch the pieces together to create the desired textlies.

Embroidery machines: Embriodery Machines are used to add designs, logos, of patterns to fabrics using different types of stitching techniques.

These are a few examples of the techniques that Yachting & Sport uses to efficiently create and produce a wide range of fabrics and textile products with different properties. The choice of techniques and machines depends on the type of fabric and the desired properties of the final textile.

Mission Yachting & Sport

The mission of Yachting & Sport is to produce high-quality of technical textiles. It strives for excellence in all aspects of their operations, from sourcing the best raw materials to using advanced manufacturing techniques. The ambitions from Yachting & Sport is to innovate more and more with the production of technical textiles, include to develop new fabrics, technologies and design techniques. Yachting & Sport often work with stakeholders, uncluding suppliers, manufacturers and customers. Their mission emphasize building strong collaborations and partnerships to master growth and success of technical textiles.

Vision Yachting &Sport

Customer Centric Approach: the vision of Yachting & Sport is to be the most customer-centric textile company, offering a diverse range of high quality fabrics and personalized solutions that exceed the customers expactations, while fostering lasting partnerships built on trust en integrity. Furthermore the company wants to create sustainable textile innovation to have a positive impact on the environment and the communities that they serve. The Yachting & Sport company wants to envision the world where their textiles enable a sustainable and stylish future, inspire positive change and improve the lives of the customers around the world.